A popular technology in Japan that has recently grown by leaps and bounds in the United States is QR Codes. Quick Response, or “QR,” Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that mobile device users can photo with their device’s camera to obtain additional information about a brand. QR Codes are generally placed in print and can send users to the Web, a text-based message, a phone number to call, or more.

Key Marketing Solutions will work with you to produce unique QR Codes for your special offers, incentives, coupons, or additional information. We will then integrate the QR Code where appropriate:

  • Your direct mail
  • Your email marketing
  • In conjunction with your customers P’URLs
  • Even on business cards -- place your sales team’s contact information in a code for immediate response.

QR Codes are an excellent way to not only present your customers with the latest in cutting-edge marketing technology, but to also refine your messaging to a highly-targeted market.